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How to tell if you’re drinking enough water Even if you’re not thirsty, don’t assume you’re drinking enough water. Instead, take a peek at your urine. “If it’s almost the color of water, you’re right on track. But if your urine is bright yellow or has a strong odor, full article then you could probably use more fluids,” notes Dr. Sukol. Symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration might include: More severe dehydration constitutes a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, and can include any or all of these as well as: The human body is 60% water — and our blood is 90% water. “That’s why you need to make sure that you’re drinking enough water . It’s also why people who are too sick to drink can tend to get into further trouble,” explains Dr. Sukol. “In addition to protein, fats and carbohydrates, water is sometimes considered a fourth macronutrient: needed for our body to function optimally.” Blood: Water ensures that your blood is just the right consistency to carry oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the areas that need it, including your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles.